Remodeling Your Dining Room



Whether you are going to be hosting a stylish dinner or are just looking to bring new life into one of the more formal rooms of your home, remodeling your dining room can completely change the feel of the room.  Lets review some things to consider when remodeling your dining room.  With any luck, you will stumble upon something that will work perfectly with the space you have and your aesthetic ideals.  Lets get started!

1.  Blinded by the Light

An emphasis on natural light is a great way to bring charm to your dining room.  This can be done by either aligning the room to the light, or by making note of the light in your overall design.  Rooms aligned to the light are most often aligned to the primary window in which light comes through.  By doing this, you can make your dining room feel more open.  You can make note of the light by focusing on a minor color scheme in your dining room including elements of yellow.  From bright yellow to faded, you can create an amazing visual experience by placing the yellow near the window, and having accents in the same color throughout the room.  For example, the chair at the head of the table by the window can be yellow, and yellow accents can then be included in subtle amounts around the other chairs.  When done right, this dining room remodeling is breathtaking.

2.  Bring In The Mood

Depending on the size and shape of your dining room, you may have a real potential to bring serious mood and an intimate feel to your space.  Mauve colors and textured wall surfaces can go a long way to turning a plain room into an intimate setting.  In addition, consider earth tones to help create a similar effect.  Keep other colors, like the table, simple.

3.  Reduce Wood

More often then in any other room, the dining room can quickly be overwhelmed by wood.  From the table, chairs, flooring, and even cabinets, you may accidently overwhelm the room.  If this is the case, then think creatively.  A carpet can go a long way to adding color while reducing the amount of brown.  Seat covers can also be used to hide the wood on the chairs.  You can also employ some kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas, like repainting the chairs to better suit the colors of the room.

sfakhrabadyRemodeling Your Dining Room