Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Setbacks

There are a number of things that can setback a kitchen.  Lets take a look at the 10 kitchen setbacks that occur when remodeling a kitchen.  Beyond being guaranteed to drive a homeowner insane, they also offer ways that you can deal with them.

1.  Installed Countertop Changes Color/Stained

Countertops in the kitchen represent a central pillar of what makes the kitchen work.  More often then not, their color is specifically chosen with the color of the room in mind.  However, some countertops, including soapstone, will gradually change their color over time, becoming darker and darker.  In addition, granite absorbs very easily.  In either case, the only way to solve the problem and keep the countertop is to plan ahead.  Get into the habit of quickly picking up spills, and consider even repainting your kitchen if the color change is very noticeable.

2.  Kitchen Elements Do Not Line Up

Occuring frequently during remodeling, kitchen elements, like kitchen cabinet remodeling, will not line up.  Either there will not be enough room, too much room, or the horizontal/vertical lines will be off.  If this is the case, then the best course is to usually take down and redesign.

3.  Colors In The Kitchen Clash

The kitchen has a number of expensive elements, like the counter top and appliances that have to be chosen to match one another.  If there is a clash, then it will be very noticeable.  More often then not, people address this issue by changing up the colors on their cabinets and walls.

4.  The Kitchen Becomes to Cluttered

Clutter is the enemy of every kitchen.  Make sure everything has its place, and get in the habit of leaving the kitchen as empty as when you first came in.  Remember, nothing is supposed to live on countertops in your kitchen unless you specifically want them there.

5.  Not Enough Counter space Planned/Utilized

In a similar vein to #4, the counter space is often the first to go.  Make sure you only have appliances on your counter that you use daily.  Everything else should go in near by storage.

6.  New Appliances

New appliances bring all sorts of headaches to people acting on their kitchen remodeling ideas.  From fridges that stick out much further then what they are replacing to ovens that are larger then the space provided, be sure to measure your space twice before purchasing.

7.  Poor Electrical Layout

An annoying kitchen setback is poor electrical layout for the kitchen.  An electrician may need to be hired to install additional outlets/stop you circuit breaker from being tripped when you run the dishwasher/microwave.

8.  Poor Plumbing

If pluming is done incorrectly, then you will experience everything from dishwashers flooding to sinks filling with backflow.  Bite the bullet, hire a plumber, and take a deep breath of relief.

9.  Kitchen Cabinet Placement

One of the leading reasons for kitchen cabinet remodeling is because of poor placement of existing kitchen cabinets.  Whether this is because there are to few or they are aligned poorly, kitchen cabinet placement is crucial to a functional kitchen.

10.  Space

There is currently a movement in the US towards larger and larger kitchens with increased space to move around.  Having a small kitchen is then its own setback, which may require remodeling the kitchen to increase space, or even expand into another room.

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