About Us

Reclaim your kitchen cabinets, vanities, and woodwork!

We believe in doing things right the first time. We specialize in the fine art of cabinet refinishing, painting, re-spraying and wood finishing. If you have a tired looking kitchen and are thinking of replacing it, think twice. We have salvaged hundreds of kitchens with our factory finish process. We pride ourselves on producing high quality finishes on all your existing cabinetry, millwork and furniture. By implementing a very thorough preparation, combined with the right application systems, topnotch equipment and coatings we provide amazing results. This is our recipe for success!

Our philosophy is that a refinished kitchen shouldn’t look refinished; it should look like it was bought that way.
Rade Macura

Paint Core Finishes is a custom painting and finishing company. We provide top-notch kitchen cabinet, vanity, woodwork and furniture re-spraying, refinishing, staining and painting services in the GTA and surrounding areas.

We provide refinishing services for:

Residential: Refinishing, re-spraying, wood finishing and painting of cabinetry and wood work.
Commercial: Refinishing, re-spraying, wood finishing and painting for store fixtures and cabinetry.
Cabinet Makers and Carpenters: Wood Finishing and painting services for cabinet makers and carpenters.

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