Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that match your Dining Room


The kitchen and dining room match one another through purpose.  Matching them in terms of design as well can help create a powerful aesthetic for both rooms, as well as give you ideas of how to decorate each accordingly.  Lets review a few of the ways you can match your dining room to your kitchen.


1.  Continue the flow of Space

If your kitchen is open, make your dining room open as well.  If your kitchen feels full, then continue this into your dining room.  More often then not, we create our own philosophy of space in the rooms we live and work in.  This comes out naturally through our use.  Because the kitchen and dining room are similar in purpose, maintaining the same feeling of space in both rooms can help make them feel matched.

2.  If Nothing Else, Colors!

Human beings are amazing at pattern recognition.  This includes color, which can make two rooms become one.  Match the primary and secondary colors of your kitchen and see what you can create in your dining room.  This is one of the ways that your kitchen remodeling ideas can become effective in other places of your house.  Match the colors in both rooms and watch as they flow even better into one another.

3.  Shapes

Beyond your appliances, what are the primary shapes in your kitchen?  What shape is the counter space in?  Do you have any wall hangings?  What are the light hangings like?  If you have recently gone through a spat of kitchen cabinet remodeling, then what is your cabinet handles like, and why did you choose them?  As said above, we humans love patterns, and pick up on them very well.  It is these patterns that help tie our rooms together.  So, having similar lights, a dining room table that matches the kitchen countertop, the same handles for cabinets in both rooms, and even similarly shaped and themed wall hangings can all go a long way to creating a kitchen and dining room that match.

4.  Open The Space Up

Many homes built in the 40’s and 50’s feature a dining room immediately next to a kitchen and separated by a wall.  If you really want both rooms to match, and you want to have the appearance of more space, then tare down the wall if you can!  By removing the wall separating the two rooms, you create a great deal more space and it makes matching the two rooms significantly easier.

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