Top 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Furniture


Every home is packed with different types of wood furniture.  Whether you have a traditional wooden bedroom set or if you own a dining room table that is constructed out of antique wood, nearly everything in your home relates back to the same material.  Although beautiful, wood has the tendency to degrade over time and lose its aesthetic appeal.  With that being said, you may want to consider the benefits associated with refinishing wood furniture.

Saving the Environment

One of the main reasons as to why you should consider refinishing wood furniture instead of buying new pieces is because it is simply healthier for the environment.  In order for a new piece of furniture to be created, it takes over 1000 times more carbon than if a piece of furniture was to be refinished.  With that being said, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and working towards preserving the Earth for future generations.  You should also consider finding eco-friendly wood refinishing companies to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Creating a New Style

Another great advantage to refinishing wood furniture is that it allows you to create a brand new style without having to find another piece to achieve the same look.  As an example, if you are interested in making your bedroom set more modern, instead of buying a new set, you can simply change the stain to become darker and more contemporary.

Saving Money

Above everything else, refinishing wood furniture is less expensive than having to buy brand new pieces from the store.  It will cost you one fraction of the cost to have your existing furniture re-stained or repainted.  This is the perfect solution for home owners that want a new look to their existing pieces but aren’t interested in the price tags associated with buying all new furniture.

Preserving Value

When you opt for refinishing wood furniture, you will be preserving the value of your existing pieces.  Maintenance is imperative to ensure that your furniture lasts an extended period of time.  Much like you maintain your roof, it is important that you are vigilant with maintaining your furniture.

Reusing High Quality

One of the most unfortunate aspects of modern furniture is that pieces are rarely created out of the high quality wood that was used in the past.  Instead of relying on inexpensive plywood that won’t last more than a few years, restoring your existing furniture will help you to keep the best pieces for a longer period of time.

sfakhrabadyTop 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Furniture