Wood Finishing

Wood finishing on brown cabinet door

Wood Finishing: Staining and clear coating
Staining wood isan art form. We use a multiple step process to achieve rich wood tones. Before staining occurs the wood has to be expertly sanded to create an even scratch pattern so the stain penetrates evenly. We then apply dye stains and wiping stains to get a rich, deep look. After the appropriate color is achieved we tone and clear coat the wood. Toning adds that extra layer of color depth to create that furniture finished look.

Painting: New Wood painting and MDF
All new wood projects requiring a painted surface will be finished with pigmented pre-catalyzed coatings. These coatings differ from regular house paint. They were designed to be used on cabinets and furniture, in high traffic areas, and have excellent moisture resistance. They also have a much smoother feel, appearance, and dry to a very hard durable finish.

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