Reconditioning & Clear

Toned oak cabinet door

Reconditioning and Clear Coating:
If you like the existing color of your cabinets but they are starting to loose their luster, clear coating is the solution. The clear coat on cabinetry is the protective barrier on top of the wood that protects it from wear and tear. When the clear coat begins to fade it is loses it ability to protect the wood. We can re-clear coat your cabinets. This method will protect your kitchen and bring back that depth and luster your kitchen once had, essentially making it look brand new again.

Toning is a multi-coat process of shifting the color of your existing stained woodwork and cabinets by layering semi-transparent sealer and topcoats. For example, you have a light golden wood finish, we can shift that color to a darker medium brown or even cherry wood look. We add dye to our sealer coat and topcoats to add a little bit of color each layer we spray. This build of semi transparent color lets us change the color of all your stained woods to darker tones so you can keep the stained look and get a higher end finish. All kitchens are not equal and some will be better than others for the toning process. Toning works best on cabinets that are in good shape. Also, color choice is limited with toning because we always have to work with the underling color.

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