Kitchen Inspiration

It is amazing what can be done with a space when the right materials, creativity, and drive come together.  This is no truer then in kitchen remodeling.  The kitchen remains one of the most important parts of the household.  Having been pushed towards larger and airier designs, kitchens have been remodeled more then any other shared living area in the house.  Along with new appliances, technology, and materials, it has never been easier to make the kitchen of your dreams.  So where do we get started?  Lets look at an example of a kitchen remodel and see what they did to turn an average kitchen into something extraordinary.

The kitchen we are looking at is found here and shows what can be done when taking an 80’s kitchen and modernizing it.

The Size

While the room has not changed in its overall size from the before and after picture, it is hard to argue that the after picture looks larger and more open.  There were a number of changes both pronounced and subtle that helped create this new appearance.  First, the ceiling light was taken out.  This large, boxy light hung down, taking away space and creating parts of the ceiling that are hidden from view.  This has the effect of making the room feel smaller.  In addition, note the color shift.  The darker more intimate colors of the wood were replaced with lighter, airier off-white.  In addition, by making some of the appliances and electrical fixtures black, the remodeling shrunk their appearance in the room increasing the overall perceived space.

A Matching Aesthetic

Kitchen cabinet remodeling was kept primarily to recoloring and adding pronounced handles to the cabinet doors.  With a white in the ceiling and cabinets, the eye is drawn to the complexity provided by the wall tiles.  This emphasis on horizontal lines in the colors of the appliances, counter top, and the ceiling help to unite the room under a single aesthetic sense.  As a result, the entire room just looks more appealing.

Though kitchen remodeling can get expensive, there are some things (outside of buying new appliances and counter tops) that you can do to improve how attractive your kitchen looks.  If you are looking for the greatest bang for your buck, then default kitchen remodeling ideas you should consider involve replacing outdated fixtures and fluorescent lighting.  At the very least, this will help make your kitchen look more modern while not costing you an arm and a leg.

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