Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Mississauga: What You Should Know

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. This is where your family gathers to bond, cook and eat. It should look amazing every day. It will not look good without a bit of work. This work may be tiresome but it is not grueling work. You can do it on your own. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the best way to start. It will make your kitchen look brand new. This refinishing may take a day or two to complete. Set aside a weekend just for this purpose. Here are the steps you need to take when refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

Gather Your Tools
You cannot start a task without the tools required for that task. Cabinet refinishing is no exception. You have to gather all the necessary tools before you embark on it. These tools include scrapers, screwdrivers, rags, sponges, newspapers, masking tape, paint stripper, primer and a hammer. You can buy or borrow the tools you do not have. Each tool is important in kitchen cabinet refinishing in Mississauga. For example, sanding blocks makes the surface of the cabinets smooth. Rags and sponges are cleaning materials while newspapers prevent debris from accumulating on surfaces just next to your cabinets.

Empty and Clean the Cabinets
You cannot refinish a cabinet partially or completely filled with various items. These items would make your work difficult unnecessarily. Empty your cabinets completely. Remove doors and shelves on the cabinets by unscrewing the screws keeping them in place. Label these doors and shelves as you remove them. The labels will make it easier for you to return the doors and shelves to their proper place. You can now embark on a thorough cleaning effort. Your kitchen cabinets should be as clean as the kitchen cabinets in homes by Paint Core.

Clean the Hardware
In this case, hardware refers to metallic objects that are part of your kitchen cabinets. These objects may include doorknobs and hinges. It is easy to detach pieces of hardware on your kitchen cabinets if you have a screwdriver. Many people do not know how to handle the hardware after removing it. You first should soak it in soapy water for around thirty minutes. Then use a soft brush to scrub it gently. Rinse it and allow it to dry. Finally, apply polish on the hardware. Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Mississauga has never been easier.

Prime and Paint the Cabinets
Priming the kitchen cabinets is important because prime allows new paint to bond with old paint. This bonding covers up stains, blemishes, or knots in the wood. Choose a primer that matches the type of paint you previously used on the cabinets. For example, use an oil primer over oil paint or a shellac primer over latex paint. Start painting your kitchen cabinets after priming them. Use a sprayer to paint these cabinets. A sprayer gives you a smooth, glossy and even appearance. Choose Paint Core for your kitchen renovation services.

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