Chris V. from Toronto


“Thanks to PaintCore Finishes, I was FINALLY able to convince my husband we could afford to remodel our kitchen. For years we assumed we would have to gut the entire thing and rip the cabinets out to get a look that would match one of my interior decorating ideas. I wasn’t crazy about the mess and noise it would make in my home with a new baby, and my husband just didn’t want to go there with what he viewed as an unnecessary expense. The team at PaintCore probably could have handled every one of my kitchen remodeling ideas with their eyes closed. They did such a good job for much less than I expected it would be I can’t stop talking about it. I’m not kidding – my friends are tired of hearing about kitchen renovations. But they love the way mine turned out! THANK YOU, PaintCore!!!”

happyboxmediaChris V. from Toronto