What Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga is All About

To reface or to replace? This is one of the important decisions to make when planning to give your kitchen a new look. If you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets, the old cabinets are torn down and replaced with an entirely new set. This can be expensive, labour intensive and time consuming because it involves more work and uses more materials. However, cabinet refacing in Mississauga is a great way to give your kitchen a makeover quickly and cost effectively. Refacing essentially involves removing and replacing parts of the old cabinets and placing new materials to create a completely new appearance.

With proper installation, cabinet refacing can actually extend the life of your existing cabinets. This is because certain parts, such as old hinges, which may be worn out, are removed along with the old doors and replaced with new ones. Typically, cabinet refacing in Mississauga replaces cabinet doors, the front parts of the cabinets and drawer fronts.

Besides cost, the other reason for the popularity of cabinet refacing is the variety of choice regarding materials and finishes. You can choose from any of the three widely used materials depending on your preferences and the overall style of your kitchen. These include:

Rigid Thermofoils (RTF) 

Made from vinyl foil, RTFs are molded to create an array of shapes and styles. Rigid thermofoils create finishing that closely resembles wood, making it a much cheaper alternative to wood and a more eco-friendly option. Compared to the other materials, RTFs are available in fewer colors.


These are made from plastic and they offer a range of colors and an appearance that also looks like wood. Although plastic laminates cost a bit more than rigid thermofils, they are less malleable and therefore offer fewer cabinet door style options.

Wood Veneers

Wood never goes out of fashion and many homeowners appreciate its natural beauty. Wood laminates are generally more expensive than the other options. With the many types of wood available, you can find a look that matches your kitchen perfectly.


Advantages of Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing in Mississauga allows for flexibility, meaning you can customize the look you wish to create in your kitchen. There are numerous door styles and color combinations to choose from. The laminates are permanent and therefore durable. If necessary, stylish accessories such as latches, kitchen islands and extra cabinets matching existing ones can be added without necessarily altering the kitchen’s layout.

It is possible to reface your cabinets within just a few days. A skilled technician can complete the work within as few as two days or more in a large kitchen. If you need to give your kitchen a facelift while the cabinets are still in good condition, refacing can help you to achieve the look you want. This reduces wastage of materials, saves you money and helps the environment as less wood is used. Cabinet refacing does not require any structural changes to the layout of the kitchen. It is a good option if you wish to keep the existing layout. Additional plumbing or electrical work is usually not required when refacing kitchen cabinets.


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