The Essentials of Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga

So your kitchen looks old and worn-out? You have no money to do a complete remodel? No problem. At Paint Core, we specialize in helping people like you transform their kitchen cabinets into a place of pride and pleasure.

Why Refacing

Cabinet refacing, as the name suggests, simply means putting a new face to your cabinets. And because your old materials are being recycled, this is by far the most cost-effective way to update and upgrade your kitchen. At Paint Core, we guarantee you the best rates for cabinet refacing in Mississauga.

The good part is that we can restyle your cabinet without the dust and mess that other people will subject you to. Also, we avoid all the installation problems that arise from extended remodeling time. In only a few days, expect to be wowed by a totally new-look kitchen. Your family and friends are sure to be amazed.

If you want a new-look cabinet and do not have the fortune to spend on remodeling it, the best thing to do is to reface it. On the other hand, remodeling the kitchen takes up to several weeks and is way more expensive.

Steps in cabinet refacing

1). To start off, we remove your old and tired looking doors. Also, we remove drawer boxes and fronts.
2). After that, the next step involves working on your cabinets’ surface. In order to tell the kind of repairs that are expected, we examine the wood carefully. We then repair any problem that might be there, after which we custom-cover exposed cabinet frames using a fresh layer of veneer. The color of veneer is normally the same as that which you have chosen for you’re the kitchen design style.

3). What follows is the refacing of the cabinets exteriors as well as the framework. After that, we then install totally new components of cabinet refacing. These are doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, hinges and handles as well as guilders for drawers.
This is what cabinet refacing in Mississauga entails. After we are done with our restyling magic, you will see that your cabinet looks exactly like a new one. Apart from just looking new, these refaced cabinets can be even more functional if a few inexpensive options are explored. Adding things such as tilt trays and roll out shelves can make the kitchen a much more place to be in.

Benefits of cabinet refacing in Mississauga

Prevents Wastage – In a case where your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, it would be pointless to remove them and install new ones.

Less Complicated – This is a much less complicated option compared to the complete overhaul of your kitchen. It is completed in just a matter of days.

It is the cheaper option – Who says you have to pay so much for style? With cabinet refacing in Mississauga, style is not that expensive.

Gives a completely new look – With refacing, you can choose whatever finished product is completely different from the old one.

Refacing is the more practical option when it comes to giving your kitchen a face lift. Not only is it economical but is also less complicated and therefore takes much less time.

sfakhrabadyThe Essentials of Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga