Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets with Right Selection of Colours

If you are planning to give your kitchen a makeover, perhaps kitchen cabinet painting can prove to be an affordable way to begin with. Choosing colour for kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task if you are not aware of your options. Those who do not have any idea about interior themes, décor and color usually find difficulty in finding the right colour pallet.

Since Cabinets occupy maximum space in your kitchen, changing their colors can actually bring amazing change to the overall look and feel of your cooking space. Kitchen cabinet painting in Mississauga is a great way to bring back the elegance, charm and brightness of your kitchen.

When talk about color palettes and colour schemes, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can combine different colours or use a couple of them in combination to make your kitchen appear more vibrant and bright. You can also use complementary shades of the flooring, slabs, and other elements to strike a cord between different components.

Irrespective of what color you choose, painting your cabinets with right tones and tints of colors can help you get the designer look. Here are some color options that you might want to choose for your kitchen cabinet painting in Mississauga project.


White and Light Shades

Those who use bright or light color utensils should always choose to go for white and light shades. A simple white paint on cabinets can make your kitchen look bigger in size and brighter in appearance. The best part is that white goes well with all elements present in the kitchen and complement each appropriately. Other lighter shades to consider include: lemon, cyan, lemon green, beige, peacock blue and silver.


Shades Of Blue

Blue represents calm and cool feeling. Using different shades of Blue will make your kitchen appear inviting and pleasing, especially with so much heating work going on. There are plenty of blue shades that you might consider. These includes: cobalt, deep sea blue, cyan and navy blue.



When you can’t think of anything else, Grey is the safest option to consider. It is available in a wide range of dull and bright shades. You can pick the most sophisticated one and make your kitchen look elegant and classy without putting much thought into it.



If you wish to get rid of boring and dull look, Black is the way to go. It will help you bring dramatic changes in the overall ambience and feel of the kitchen. However, you should only go for this bold color, if you have a spacious or open kitchen.


Mix It Up

Those who like to play with colors might want to consider using a combination of two or three colors. The top and bottom section of cabinets can be painted in two different colors to add vibrancy. Make sure you choose right color combinations to do so. Here are some examples:

a) Ivory and Red

b) Cyan and Lime Green

c) Black and White

d) Grey and White

e) Chocolate Brown and Tango.


Choose a color that goes well with other elements of your home décor. You may even get in touch with experts to bring out best from your kitchen cabinet painting in Mississauga project.


sfakhrabadyResurface Your Kitchen Cabinets with Right Selection of Colours