Professional Cabinet Refacing

For home owners who are considering a major kitchen re-modelling project, kitchen cabinet refacing in Mississauga offers the perfect solution for families. When considering that both the kitchen and bathroom are 2 of the most expensive rooms to remodel in any house, cabinet refacing provides home owners with a way to literally transform their kitchen while saving both time and money in the process.

Cabinet refacing in Mississauga is an efficient method of re-modelling an existing kitchen without the need for extensive demolition, custom mill work, or expensive finish carpentry. In situations where the home-owner is completely satisfied with their current layout, the overall look and feel of the kitchen can be drastically transformed by simply refacing the existing cabinets. Professional kitchen renovation has never been easier.

The process of cabinet refacing is relatively straight forward. The actual cabinet frames and structural elements are left in place and intact. By replacing cabinet doors, drawer faces, and other decorative components, a drab and out-dated kitchen can undergo a dramatic renovation in as little as 3-5 days, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel.

Cabinet refacing in Mississauga begins by a professional consultation with the home owner  on site. During this consultation, the contractor will take extensive measurements, assess the condition of the cabinet framework, and record any information necessary to complete a comprehensive set or working plans. Once these plans are complete, the home owner will be presented with a wide selection of options for replacement cabinet doors, decorative accents, and all necessary hardware.

Once the actual cabinet refacing in Mississauga begins, professional installers will apply the appropriate veneer to the cabinet framework in order for the frames to match the new cabinet doors and drawer faces. Once this process is completed, the doors, drawers, and other new components can be carefully installed. In no time at all, the old kitchen cabinets will look brand new.

Cabinet refacing in Mississauga will also address components like drawer slides, hinges, and pulls. Not only will the cabinets appear brand new, but new hardware will eliminate any issues that the old cabinets may have had. With kitchen cabinet refacing in Mississauga, there is absolutely nothing left to chance.

When choosing new cabinet doors and drawer faces, there are many styles and materials for the home owner to choose from. From traditional raised panel doors to elegant modern designs, home owners will have a wide selection of options that are certain to satisfy any taste.

Cabinet refacing in Mississauga will easily transform a drab and lifeless space into the perfect dream kitchen. Cabinet refacing offers home owners a way to save both time and money, while still achieving their re-modelling goals. Not only is the existing kitchen given a complete face lift, but updated styles and colour combinations can make even the smallest kitchen seem larger than life. Before committing to demolishing and replacing existing cabinets, home owners are wise to consider cabinet refacing as their best re-modelling option.

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